Hannah Schrepfer

Jesus changed my life. And now, I just want to help Him do it for others.

I'm just a woman that loves Jesus, knows what he is capable of, and trusts that he means what he says. I have tasted and seen of his goodness and love, and want others to experience that same vast goodness and irrevocable love.

This blog site was created for people to stay connected with me even if I am not geographically close to them. In addition, this site is also a way I hope to encourage all readers (friends and strangers alike), to spur them on. I've been on the mountaintops, but I've also been stuck in the valleys of life as well; I would love for this blog site to be a site that can celebrate with people in the victories and the moments of sheer joy as well as go into the dark valleys of despair and hopelessness to sit with you. I've been in those valleys, I understand - but praise God - that he is big enough to refuse the valleys to keep you there permanently. There is hope, and his name is Jesus, he really is the light at the end of the tunnel (or valley).

Isaiah 61:1-3

He is true to his word.

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