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March 2019: Getting Situated

Hello friends!

Thanks for tuning into my March update! This month will probably be the "yuckiest" month for me, because I am not a fan of details and having to be attentive with each one. So I am moving to Florida the 26th, and that means packing, organizing, and thinking ahead (ug!) has had to start. Things like figuring out where my new bank is, the nearest and best rated gym, what is really necessary to bring has had to actually be thought about. I am okay with that, it's just when it takes longer than one full day to be nailed down, then I get annoyed because I'm ready to move on.

However, I have found my gym (thanks yelp and Google maps!) so that's done! *gold star*

There is anticipation on what the new Florida life will look like. Big changes like who I am moving in with and who is not coming to Florida plays a part of this. This anticipation is made up of excitement, discomfort of the unknown, annoyance because of the presence of alligators, irritation of what humidity does to my hair, excitement to be around some of my favorite people (and live with some of them too!), also the thrill of knowing that God called me down there and finding out what that is and how I fit into his big, beautiful puzzle.

My personality thrives on change and new things, so I am interested to see if this will be super fulfilling or super overwhelming, as the biggest change in my life thus far was whacking all my hair off in the 10th grade. This far exceeds a haircut, so I am interested to see what I do.

I have already visited south Florida twice in the month of February, and each time it felt wrong to return to Kansas, which I recognize as God's grace in the time of transition and yet another confirmation on his calling me to Florida.

One thing I did not like: the traffic! OH LORD, BEAR ME STRENGTH! Y'all Floridans are cray-cray and scary with your highway driving! I guess I got to conform in order to survive. It'll be fine...but pray for me! :) And Floridians, if you see an adult woman nervously shout-singing to any given song on the highway, give her mercy and grace. (And yes, I am referring to myself when I get nervous driving- I HAVE to sing, it's a thing.)

I am super excited to BE Vibrant church. Helping people live a better story! I am excited to get to see potential realized and activated and WALKED IN. I am expectant to see people change because they have tasted and seen God's goodness in their lives. Addictions will be broken off. Lies will be burnt up in the presence of truth. Truth and identity (of themselves, others, and God) will be what people cling to. Religion will become dull because there will be testimonies of relationship with God. Christianity will no longer be seen as rules people follow to get to this place called heaven, but these "weird" people that talk about this person, Jesus, with love and light in their eyes, they will sacrifice what they want in order to love and help others. The church will actually take up the role of ambassadors of Jesus' Kingdom. We will know that our words contain weight and know that the power of life and death is in the tongue (proverbs 18:21) and therefore will always speak to give love and life rather than death and decay.

I am excited to represent Jesus in a world that often misrepresents him. He is alive. He is well. He is strong. He is relational. He is authentic. He is not the person who has a smile ironed on his face, never ever showing emotion. NOOOOO! Jesus was a man of controversy in his day. A man who had and continues to have humor! Jesus has a witty sense of humor, we didn't create wittiness or humor, he did! If you want to learn more about Jesus in this way, check out John Eldredge's, Beautiful Outlaw. He beautifully explains it and backs it up with scripture (because that's uber important!) I have recently read this and it changed so much the way I perceived Jesus' tone in his voice.

Here's a link to the book:

If you have a heart to be praying for myself and/or Vibrant church, by all means please pray!

Some practical ways are...


remembering everything to pack

walking in where God wants me

smooth transition for myself as well as my family back home without me


continued favor with society

favor for finances

that people who need Jesus show up to start up parties

Also if you want to learn more about Vibrant Church, here's our website...

Thanks guys! See you in April!

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